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About Norg Consulting

picture of Meindert Norg


Norg Consulting is currently dorment, but in the past, we supported clients with Applied Controls Engineering, resulting in organizations with more knowledge in the field of controls and dynamics, products that are easier to tune and have a higher performance, all with the goal to optimize the client’s efficiency and profitability.

Norg Consulting aims to achieve this by:

• Translating motion controls theory into easy-to-use procedures and tools, tailored to the client’s products and services.

• Demonstrating practical methods to increase performance of control systems;

• Continuously coaching clients in the application of Controls Engineering.

Controls Related Projects (see also this list with past projects):

• Designed and implemented controller enabling 6 degree of freedom floating stage dealing with extreme changes in dynamics;

• Automated calibration of Active Magnetic Bearing Semiconductor stage in order to accelerate integration phase at customer site;

• Pioneered with non-linear controllers at Philips Research improving shock resistance for HDD and car-CD players;

• Developed non-linear controllers for Ultrasonic Piezo-Electric Motors, ensuring smooth movements in a speed range of over 6 orders;

• Developed Sonicare toothbrush algorithm improving brush efficiency;

• Conceived a graphical controller design tool, allowing simultaneous analysis in Time- and multiple Frequency domains. Program (rewritten) is still in use during Control System Tuning courses;

• Designed stage animation software, visualizing captured position data of 6 degree of freedom floating stage, simplifying tuning and debugging and explaining complex technical matters to management;

• Executed supplier selection program, resulting in an annual $2M cost reduction.

Problem solving / Analysis
• Having strong knowledge and experience on design and integration of complex Mechatronic systems, allows for mediating discussions between engineers of different disciplines;

• Specialized in analyzing and presenting complex data;

• Focused on team building during multi-site design process, identifying and preventing miscommunication;

• Combining the following three important skills in order to achieve system-level optimization: collecting, understanding and weighing all available information and requirements from each individual sub-system.

Strengths, Skills and Way of Working

• Excellent leader and active team player;

• Fluent in English and Dutch;

• Extensive experience in Matlab / Simulink and 3rd parties’ tools.

• Experience with MathCAD, LabView and several servo controllers.

• Continuously focused on instructing colleagues on motion issues, increasing the control related awareness and reducing production time and service calls.


Philips Applied Technologies, Houston, PA, USA, Sr. Mechatronics Specialist, 2004 - 2007
FEI Company, Eindhoven, Netherlands, Motion Group Leader, 2001 – 2004
FEI Company, Eindhoven, Netherlands, Servo and Control Architect, 1998 – 2001
Philips Research Lab, Eindhoven, Netherlands, Mechanical and Controls Engineer, ‘92–‘98


• B.S. from the Department of ME/EE, concentration in Precision Engineering / Technical Automation, Hogeschool Utrecht, Hilversum, Netherlands, 1991

• Many courses on Controls Engineering, amongst others at Technical University Eindhoven (The Netherlands), Center for Technical Training (The Netherlands), the MathWorks (Natick, MA) and LabView (at DSA, McMurray, PA).

Conferences, Publications and Membership
• In addition to many internal reports, wrote and presented several papers for Philips Conference on Application of Control theory (1994-2007), Society of Automotive Engineers congress in Detroit, MI, USA (1998), Magnetics Conference, Chicago, IL, USA (2007) and ASPE topical meetings (2008, 2010).

• Member of American Society for Precision Engineering.


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